New Shrinkage Rates and January Nominations

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Shrinkage rates on Pacific Gas and Electric Company's pipeline system will change effective gas day January 1, 2004. Pipe Ranger's Shrinkage Factors page has now been updated to reflect the new rates for 2004 and INSIDEtracc will apply the 2004 shrinkage rates to delivered volumes beginning gas day January 1, 2004.

Early Noms

If you placed your January nominations prior to today, December 22, 2003, INSIDEtracc displayed delivered volumes based on the 2003 shrinkage rates. Customers who placed early nominations for the month of January should verify that they have provided accurate in-kind shrinkage based on the new shrinkage factors. For customers who place January nominations today or later, INSIDEtracc will display delivered nominations based on the 2004 shrinkage rates.


If you have any questions concerning shrinkage rates or calculations, please contact the CGT Gas Scheduling Group.

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