Storage and the Redwood Path

Friday, December 12, 2003

California Gas Transmission customers should be aware of a new procedure for allocating as-available capacity on the Redwood path.

Gas began flowing recently on a new lateral between CGT's Line 400 and Wild Goose Storage. As a result of this new lateral, Wild Goose has significantly increased its ability to deliver withdrawn gas to CGT. Wild Goose withdrawals, Lodi Gas Storage withdrawals, and as-available Redwood path supplies flowing from Malin all compete for the same as-available pipeline space.

Although Redwood path volumes, withdrawals from Wild Goose Storage and withdrawals from Lodi Gas Storage fields have all been moderate in recent weeks, all three will likely increase during times of peak demand. When nominated volumes from these sources exceed the capability of the Line 400/401 system, CGT allocates as-available Redwood transportation, Wild Goose Storage withdrawals and Lodi Storage withdrawals pro rata based on those nominated volumes. To handle these allocations automatically, a new process was added to INSIDEtracc on December 9, 2003, effective December 10.

If you have any questions about these allocations, please contact your CGT Scheduling Representative.

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