Printing Balances in Imbalance Trading

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Last month, California Gas Transmission moved the Imbalance Trading function from a stand-alone application on Pipe Ranger to being accessible through INSIDEtracc. Now you simply log onto INSIDEtracc from the Pipe Ranger home page and choose "Balancing" and "Imbalance Trading" from the Navigate menu.

Once in the Imbalance Trading screen, follow these steps to find and print account balances:


  • Select a Source Bal Acct or Dest Bal Acct using the drop down arrows from those fields
  • Click the Balance button at the top of the screen

A pop-up window will display the account balance for the account you've selected. If you would like to print the Balance pop-up window, simply hold down the Alt and Printscreen buttons. This will copy the information to the clipboard, although it will appear as if nothing has happened on your screen. Open a Word document, and select "Edit" and "Paste". This will copy the image on the clipboard to the Word document, and you can then print out the document.

If you have any questions, please contact your California Gas Transmission Account Services Representative.

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