Searchable Archives Online

Friday, March 25, 2005

Responding to customer requests voiced in its annual customer satisfaction survey, California Gas Transmission is proud to announce Pipe Ranger's new searchable archives.

Pipe Ranger already supplies a wealth of real time pipeline operations information. Much of this data is archived in the Supply and Demand Archive and the Storage Activity Archive.

Today CGT replaced these two-week archives with two new searchable archives. The searchable archives contain the same data points as the old archives, but offer several improvements:

  •  Custom date search. You may now specify the date range for which you would like to review data.
  • Deeper history. The searchable archives include data from the beginning of the Gas Accord period, March 1, 1998, through present day.
  • Multiple, user-friendly formats. When searching the archives, you may request your output as a Web page, Excel spreadsheet, or tab-delimited text file.

The new searchable archives, along with Archive Searching Instructions, are located in the Supply and Demand section of Pipe Ranger's Operations page. These enhancements represent but one of CGT's 2002 customer satisfaction initiatives. Happy searching!

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