CGT Customer Satisfaction Initiatives

Friday, March 25, 2005

At the end of each year, California Gas Transmission surveys a cross section of its customers to determine their level of satisfaction with CGT's service. Customers generously provide candid, honest input and comments. CGT adds genuine reflection on this feedback and then takes action to address unmet customer needs. This simple recipe bakes up a tasty loaf of customer satisfaction that rises slowly but steadily over time.

2001 Initiatives and Results

INSIDEtracc Web, E-Confirm and E-Accept, and the CGT Helpline were the big three initiatives CGT implemented in 2001 to better serve our customers. The success of these actions was emphasized by the 2001 survey, conducted last November, which shone with positive results.

Fully three-quarters of customers rated CGT's service better or much better than other pipelines. CGT is proud of its steady gains in customer satisfaction over the years, achieving its highest overall rating in 2001.

2002 Initiatives

The process of improving customer satisfaction is without end. Last year's survey also showed CGT a few areas where customers want to see improvement. During 2002 CGT analyzed customer needs expressed in the 2001 survey and developed action plans to meet those needs.

The following are the action plans CGT will complete this year to better serve you.



Focus on Timely Response

Via several 2001 initiatives, CGT made solid improvements in its timely response to customer calls and requests. Although overall satisfaction in this area was high in 2001, the last survey indicated some pockets of concern still exist. For 2002, CGT will work towards every customer's complete satisfaction with CGT response time.

This year, CGT implemented a refined Scheduling Helpline call and voice mail tracking system to pinpoint gaps and continue improving response time. CGT's goal is always to return calls as quickly as possible, but newly implemented processes will allow CGT to monitor its performance more closely. Schedulers will regularly review Scheduling Helpline response time, and focus efforts where improvements are still needed. You should already notice improved response to your Scheduling Helpline calls.

Timeliness of Reports

Customers are at times frustrated by the delayed release of the scheduled volumes report (INSIDEtracc's 100 Report). Unfortunately, the release of this CGT report requires the timely receipt of scheduled volumes from upstream pipelines.

To provide CGT customers the most convenient and up-to-date information available, CGT will send direct notice in the event the 100 Report will be delayed 30 minutes or more. CGT will send schedulers both an INSIDEtracc shipper notice and an e-mail including the 100 Report's estimated time of availability.

Although the root of this problem is outside CGT's control, this will eliminate the need to constantly check the report's availability in INSIDEtracc. CGT implemented this process improvement October 1, 2002.

Customer Specific Concerns

CGT's satisfaction survey allows participants to provide open-ended feedback and suggestions for improved services and product offerings. Some of these questions reveal customer-specific concerns that CGT Representatives follow up on individually (unless survey participants respond anonymously). CGT takes this feedback seriously, and acts to fully understand and resolve any issues raised.

Several customers requested CGT make INSIDEtracc speedier or less tedious. CGT Representatives have focused on these requests and provided one-on-one training and personal visits. In many cases, techniques such as uploading nominations from a spreadsheet have alleviated these concerns.

AutoRenom Improvements

When CGT implemented AutoRenom in October 2001, customer response was highly favorable. Customers sang the praises of AutoRenom loud and clear in the 2001 survey, but they also asked for even more new features.

Although AutoRenom now provides a feature like cruise control for nominations, customers asked for an upgrade to autopilot! The last survey showed that customers would like AutoRenom to not only renominate volumes cut in the previous cycle, but also renominate any difference between first cycle nominations and later cycle scheduled volumes.

Requiring a look back across all cycles, this is a tall order from a systems modification standpoint. Moreover, PG&E's current Plan of Reorganization calls for CGT to move to FERC jurisdiction and eventual full GISB compliance. GISB compliance will require changes to CGT's nomination system, including the addition of bumping and related changes that will provide customers the enhanced AutoRenom features they requested in the survey.

Because the considerable cost and complexity of this change will be tackled when CGT makes its nomination systems fully GISB compliant, CGT elected to wait beyond 2002 to meet this customer request.

Add to Pipe Ranger's Archives

Some customers asked to see Pipe Ranger's Supply and Demand Archive and Storage Activity Archive expanded to include a longer history. In response, CGT will expand Pipe Ranger's archives to include historical data back to the beginning of the Gas Accord period (March 1, 1998). Additionally, the new archive will produce customized output in a variety of user-friendly formats. It will also allow you to specify the date range you are interested in. Look for this Pipe Ranger upgrade by November 1.

Answer Questions About OFO Data

Several customers voiced concerns about the accuracy of Supply and Demand data, specifically that used to forecast pipeline inventory. CGT will work to raise the level of understanding surrounding this information. Look for a Supply and Demand Forecast Frequently Asked Questions to be published within the next month.



The Drive for Satisfaction Never Ends

Customer participation and candor is key to the success of CGT's satisfaction survey and action plans. CGT thanks all its customers who participated last year, helping us raise our level of service. The 2002 survey will begin next month, and once again CGT will strive to improve customer satisfaction during 2003.