From Rocked to Rockin' in Six Months

Friday, March 25, 2005

Last November a fire rocked California Gas Transmission's Gerber Compressor Station, destroying the building and auxiliary equipment and damaging the compressor beyond repair. Although firm services have not been impacted, Redwood Path capacity and total system inventory have been limited since.

Today, Saturday, gas day May 4, 2002, CGT has released its newly rebuilt Gerber Compressor Station to operations. Maximum system inventory will return to 4,600 MMcf and maximum Redwood Path capacity will return to 1,901 MMcf.*

Since November, CGT has marshaled an incredible array of engineering and construction talent for the rapid rebuild at Gerber. During construction, between 100 and 150 workers labored around the clock to bring the facility online in time to serve summer customer demand. What might have been an eighteen-month project was completed in six.

The new compressor commits 19,500 horsepower to meet California's energy needs. Rockin'? Oh, yeah.

Please contact your CGT Account Services Representative if you have any questions.

* Maximum system inventory is 4,500 MMcf on days when total system demand is below 2,800 MMcf. Pipeline capacity is subject to normal pipeline maintenance activities.

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