You've Got Mail? Not!

Friday, March 25, 2005

During the recent changeover to a new server, California Gas Transmission's INSIDEtracc E-mail system hiccupped. E-mail notifications cannot be sent from within INSIDEtracc at this time. The two areas where this is most noticeable for customers are:

  • E-mails for OFO notifications, and
  • E-mails notifying customers that deals are ready to E-Confirm or E-Accept

CGT is working diligently to correct the problem. Here are some proactive steps customers can take in the meantime:

OFO Notification E-mails:

Go to the CGT Pipe Ranger Web site and verify whether there is an OFO called for the following day. The OFO Outlook section on the home page shows the OFO status for four days: two historical days, today, and tomorrow.

Primary OFO notice is always available from INSIDEtracc. Log on to INSIDEtracc from the Pipe Ranger home page. Navigate to the Notifications window to view any OFO notifications.

E-Confirm/E-Accept E-mails:

Log on to INSIDEtracc approximately 30 minutes after making a new deal or modifying an existing deal. Deal information is entered into INSIDEtracc immediately, and the deal will be ready to E-Confirm or E-Accept within approximately 30 minutes.

We will keep you posted on our progress. If you have any questions, please contact a CGT Account Services Representative.

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