Trial Auction Coming to CGT

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Pacific Gas and Electric Company's California Gas Transmission invites you to test drive an online auction in October and November.

Later this month, CGT will evaluate the Pantellos auction platform by selling Golden Gate Market Center and Gold Coast transportation products online. Early each morning, CGT may auction such products as:

  • As-Available Injection
  • As-Available Withdrawal
  • Intramonth Parking
  • Intramonth Lending
  • Intermonth Parking
  • Intermonth Lending
  • Firm Redwood Off
  • As-Available Baja Off

CGT encourages customers to participate in this trial and provide feedback on its benefits. Interested customers should contact Pantellos directly by phoning Tina Barrett at 281.863.6526.

Pantellos will get you started with a standard contract, an information packet and a brief (20 minute) training session. Participation in the trial auction costs nothing. CGT urges you to contact Pantellos this week so you may participate in bid week for November auctions. Participation in the Pantellos trial auctions are not mandatory, however.

Why participate?

  • During this trial run, auction participants will see real time pricing information for CGT's transportation and storage products.
  • You may participate from anywhere you have a Web connection and a phone.
  • In some cases, the auction may be the only time CGT offers certain products or volumes.

If you have any further questions about the CGT's trial of this auction platform, please contact Cathy Paulsen at 415.973.7379.