INSIDEtracc Web Available Wednesday

Friday, August 10, 2007

INSIDEtracc Web is coming this Wednesday, making INSIDEtracc access easier than ever. The Log On link, at Pipe Ranger's home page and under Applications, INSIDEtracc Web, will be your new portal to INSIDEtracc. The Log On link will be enabled on July 11, 2001.

California Gas Transmission offers these tips to help smooth your transition to INSIDEtracc Web:

Download the Citrix plug-in prior to your initial log on

INSIDEtracc Web requires a Citrix plug-in prior to your initial log on. CGT encourages customers to download this software prior to Wednesday by following these step-by-step instructions.

Use your current User Name and Password

User Names and Passwords will not change when accessing INSIDEtracc Web.

Place nominations early for Wednesday and Thursday

CGT recommends placing nominations early for Wednesday and Thursday, July 11-12, if possible. Although we do not anticipate any problems with the switch to INSIDEtracc Web, this will ensure nominations are in place and ready for processing prior to nomination deadlines.

View reports using "gtsnt"

Many customers run INSIDEtracc reports but view them later by logging on to Actuate Viewer. In INSIDEtracc, you do this by clicking Navigate, Run Reports, View Saved Reports.

Once the Actuate Viewer screen opens, click the lighthouse icon and a log on screen will appear. The Actuate Viewer User Name and Password are the same as your INSIDEtracc User Name and Password. On your first log on, you must type in "gtsnt" (without the quotes) in the Volume field. Once "gtsnt" is entered in the Volume field, it will remain the default every time you log on through Actuate Viewer; you will not need to make this entry again.

Remember, INSIDEtracc functions have not changed; you will access the same screens, nomination procedures, reports and available information.

System Requirements, Frequently Asked Questions, and the Supported Printer list are additional resources for your use.

Please call the CGT Helpline at 800.343.4743 for assistance with INSIDEtracc Web.

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