Additional Allocations Today

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Due to extremely high inventory on Pacific Gas and Electric Company's California Gas Transmission system, additional nominations for today's gas day, May 5, 2001, will be cut.

CGT issued a Customer-Specific OFO for May 5, and a System-Wide OFO for May 6. These OFOs remain in effect. CGT also implemented receipt point capacity allocations at all interconnects on the intraday 1 cycle for gas day May 5. Despite these measures, system inventory is forecast to exceed the maximum level on May 5.

In order to manage inventory levels, CGT will implement further receipt point capacity allocations on the intraday 2 cycle for gas day May 5. Receipt point capacity allocations will be made in accordance with Rule 14 This link will open in a new window. All customers should review their Confirmed Nominations and Scheduled Volumes (100) Reports.

Please contact the CGT Gas Scheduling Group if you have further questions.

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