One Call Does It All

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Did you know California Gas Transmission offers an 800 number for your convenience?

One toll free call to the CGT Helpline puts you in touch with

  • Daily OFO updates
  • Gas Scheduling Hotline
  • Sales Representatives
  • Account Services Representatives

The CGT Helpline Saves Money

The CGT Helpline Saves Time

The CGT Helpline puts you directly in touch with the prerecorded daily OFO update. This feature is the quickest, easiest way to learn the OFO status* on CGT's system. Just dial the CGT Helpline, press 1 for the latest OFO update, and you're in the know.

The CGT Helpline Is Convenient

Suppose you are on-call for the weekend, but a rowdy Friday night finds your cell phone at the bottom of the Houston Ship Channel. No worries! Just dial the CGT Helpline from any pay phone. You have until Monday to spin a yarn for your boss, explaining the missing phone.

The CGT Helpline. One Call Does It All.

* Please remember INSIDEtracc remains the primary method of OFO notification. Other methods of notification are provided as a courtesy only.

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