Pipe Ranger Personals

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

California Gas Transmission is pleased to announce Pipe Ranger Personals, located in the Other Resources wing of Pipe Ranger's Library.

Personals is the place end-use customers may publicly advertise their interest in being solicited by gas suppliers. Pipe Ranger Personals includes customer name and contact information, enough to spark a long-term business relationship.

The debut of Pipe Ranger Personals is especially timely. Although the Core Subscription program ends February 28, some Core Subscription customers have not yet secured a supplier for March business. Some of these customers have chosen Pipe Ranger Personals to aid their search.

In order to supply a customer gas on March 1, the end-use customers must submit changes to the Natural Gas Service Agreement (NGSA) Exhibits C and D by February 26. Suppliers face the same deadline to submit Noncore Balancing Aggregation Agreement (NBAA) Exhibit A, which is necessary to add a customer to an NBAA. This paperwork may be submitted later, but INSIDEtracc will not reflect the supplier-customer relationship by March 1.

Gas suppliers should contact their CGT Account Services Representative with any further questions.

End-use customers should contact their Pacific Gas and Electric Company Account Manager to be listed in Pipe Ranger Personals. Contact information will not be published without written permission from the end-use customer.

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