Winter Wednesday - A California Winter

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

California Gas Transmission's Winter Wednesdays strive to prepare you for extraordinary events that cold weather may bring. "An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure," the saying goes.

This winter finds California in the midst of an energy crisis. Although we have yet to see severe cold weather, the financial storm that began last summer has failed to subside.

Recent Winter Wednesdays focused on diversions and other tough steps Pacific Gas and Electric Company may be forced to take this winter, not necessarily because of cold weather, but because of the enduring energy crisis in California.

Talk With Your Rep Now

CGT encourages you to discuss the energy crisis and possible diversions with your CGT Account Services Representative. Your Representatives are available to walk through scenarios and details regarding nomination priorities, diversion rules, customer supply interruptions, or any questions you may have.

Energy Crisis Updates

Pacific Gas and Electric Company's Web site This link will open in a new window This link will open in a new window has current information on the energy crisis. Press releases are updated regularly and cover both gas and electric issues.

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