Balancing Gas in Storage at Critical Levels

Monday, January 10, 2005

Imbalance Gas in Storage represents the inventory level of gas available for pipeline balancing services. 50 MMcf/d of injection, 70 MMcf/d of withdrawal and 2.2 Bcf of inventory are reserved for pipeline balancing.

Recent and consistent underdeliveries by suppliers have reduced Imbalance Gas in Storage to zero or below. This indicates the entire inventory reserved for pipeline balancing has been withdrawn. When Imbalance Gas in Storage is less than or equal to zero, these supplies are unavailable for use; balancing withdrawals are unavailable. Balancing withdrawals cannot occur without balancing inventory in the ground. Without withdrawals for balancing, the likelihood of low inventory OFOs increases.

Please work to ensure that supplies brought in for your customers balance with their daily demands. This will help prevent low inventory OFOs.