Winter Wednesday - Contact Information

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Keep Your Contact Information Current



How can my company be sure to receive timely notice of Operational Flow Orders (OFOs), Emergency Flow Orders (EFOs), cold weather notices and other important operations information?




Keep your INSIDEtracc contact information current.


To review your contact information, open INSIDEtracc and choose Navigate, Contracts, Customers. Names and numbers for all contact types should be current. However, only the contact types OFO/EFO Notify and Oper. Comm. receive OFO/EFO notification. These contacts are sent OFO/EFO notice via INSIDEtracc and e-mail.

Any customer with an appropriate pager may also sign up for Text Messaging service to receive OFO/EFO notice via pager. Remember that INSIDEtracc remains the primary source of OFO notification. Customers utilizing other methods do so at their own risk.

To update your contact information, simply phone your California Gas Transmission Account Services Representative.

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