Notice To Shippers

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

An error occurred this morning during the Customer Specific OFO (CS-OFO) notification process.

The first notice that was sent out was titled "Targeted". This notice was sent at 7:59 AM PST and was incorrect. It should have been titled "Initial" and should not have included any of the specific details regarding the tolerance percentage, penalty, stage, etc. By receiving this notice you may think that you are targeted when you are not.

At 8:36 AM PST a second "Targeted" notice was correctly sent out to only the specific customers who are truly targeted in the CS-OFO for gas day 10/30/00. In order to determine if you are truly targeted please run your 900 report, or call the scheduling hotline at (415) 973-2424 for assistance.

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