Muddy INSIDEtracc Print Screens?

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Some of our customers are experiencing gray-toned backgrounds on INSIDEtracc screen prints. If you're using Microsoft Windows 95 or 98 and are having trouble with muddy background screen prints, try this fix:*

  • Go to Start/Settings/Printers
  • Right click on the icon for the printer model you're using
  • Choose Properties from the pop up menu
  • Click on the Graphics tab on the top
  • Set Dithering to "none", then click Apply

* Note: This fix will not work if you're using Microsoft Office 2000 or if you're using Windows 95 or 98 but your Printer's Properties Menu does not present you with a Graphics tab.

We believe implementing a system upgrade over the weekend of October 21st caused this situation. We've contacted our server/application vendor for a system solution and will keep you informed of any progress.