Three OII Options Likely Delayed

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Pacific Gas and Electric Company's Comprehensive Gas OII Settlement Agreement offers customers ten new service options, as detailed in the news article of June 15th.

The Settlement specifically calls for three of these new services, Anonymous Monthly Imbalance Trading, Trading of OFO Day Imbalance Rights, and Secondary Market Trading, to be implemented by Altra Energy Technologies (Altra), a third party service provider. Pacific Gas and Electric Company and Altra had been engaged in discussions to implement these three options.

Recently, Altra informed Pacific Gas and Electric Company it is no longer interested in providing the services envisioned by the Settlement. Pacific Gas and Electric Company will investigate possible alternatives to Altra's services and present them to the settling parties along with a suggested plan of action.

Regardless, these three service options will most likely be delayed beyond their originally estimated implementation dates. All seven new service options not involving Altra remain on schedule. Stay tuned to Pipe Ranger for updates as more information becomes available.

If you have questions regarding the OII implementation schedule, please contact your California Gas Transmission Representative.

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