Deals Direct

Monday, August 14, 2006

California Gas Transmission announces a new service to bring the hottest deals in California straight to your e-mail box. Deals Direct will bring you timely, market-based offers from the Golden Gate Market Center and Gold Coast Transportation teams.

Once you are on the Deals Direct list, CGT will regularly e-mail hot ideas designed to help you profit in the California marketplace. An example? Here is this week's offering from the Gold Coast Transportation team.

In California, winter and the rain linger on. Although the warm glow of springtime sun may be a few months off, the warmth of a money making deal is but a phone call away.

CGT is now offering attractive rates for April-October Redwood On conversions. A Redwood On conversion allows you to exchange Firm Redwood On capacity for Firm Redwood Off capacity. Redwood Off allows you to serve Southern California markets with less expensive Canadian gas this summer.

Most importantly, CGT can negotiate a Redwood Off rate that works for you. A fixed price for the season allows you to lock in your profits now. Or, if you prefer not to hedge, an index deal can be crafted. If you do not currently hold Redwood On capacity, your CGT rep can help you work out a solution. Call your CGT rep today and feel the warmth of a hot deal.

Does this look like a service that will work for you? Subscribe to our service to start the deals coming direct to your computer.

Deals Direct is a completely separate service from the E-XPRESS you now receive. E-XPRESS contains significant news items, often operational or computer system issues. You will not receive future marketing news via E-XPRESS. Sign up today for Deals Direct to ensure receipt of California Gas Transmission's latest offers.

If you have any questions, please call your CGT Account Services Representative.

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