NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS - Firm Capacity Cuts on Redwood Path

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

CGT's Redwood Path capacity has been reduced through February 19, due to maintenance work at the Tionesta compressor station. The Redwood Path (Line 400/Line 401) capacity will be 1765 MMcf/d. This is 87% of the Redwood Path total maximum winter capacity of 2035 MMcf/d, and 97% of firm capacity of 1803 MMcf/d.

Here are a few reminders that may be a helpful reference for you during the next few days.

Gas Rule 14 - Firm capacity cuts due to capacity constraints:

  • When firm capacity is cut due to capacity constraints, all firm transportation is cut pro rata. Firm contracts will be cut pro rata during the confirm process, only after all as-available transportation is cut.
  • Destination Rankings used for nominations requiring a transportation exhibit will not determine the allocation of gas supply which has been cut due to capacity constraints.

What does this mean for the current capacity constraints on the Redwood Path?

  • When you nominate on a firm Redwood transportation exhibit during the next few days, you may experience cuts due to capacity constraints.
  • Cuts to firm transport nominations from either a TSA or Receipt Pool at the PGN interconnect to destinations downstream of that interconnect, will be made pro rata after all as-available transportation is cut. Source and destination rankings do not impact how supply is allocated when cuts are due to capacity constraints.
  • Nominations from the Citygate will continue to be prioritized by source and destination rankings, as needed.
  • Source and destination rankings are used during the scheduling process when supply cuts are not related to a capacity constraint on Pacific Gas and Electric Company's system.

For your reference: You can monitor impact of Pacific Gas and Electric Company maintenance on available capacity by referring to Pipeline Maintenance News.

If you have any questions, please call your CGT Account Services Representative.

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