Download: What could a 0% interest energy efficiency loan do for your business?

Financing infographic

Gas station:

Improve safety: Bright LED exterior lighting improves safety and customer comfort at night

Reduce maintenance: LED bulbs can last 12 years or more, requiring fewer lamp replacements

Save energy: LED exterior lighting can save a business 30% to 75% in energy use


Improve quality: LEDs improve lighting quality and office aesthetics through dimmability and color temperatures

Be more efficient: LED overhead lighting is 44% more efficient than fluorescent

Use less energy: LEDs use 75% less energy than incandescent lighting

Food service:

Save money: Efficient natural gas-fired ovens can save a restaurant owner $900 annually and $10,000 over the product lifetime

Improve performance: Natural gas-fired ovens cook food faster and more evenly

Cut heat: Energy Star refrigerators and freezers emit less heat into the kitchen

Conserve energy: Energy Star certified automatic ice makers are 15% more energy efficient

Loans are:

  • Interest free
  • Range from $5,000 - $100,000
  • Paid off monthly on your utility bill

Learn more about PG&E’s energy efficiency financing at or 1-800-468-4743