Meet a Happy Customer

Meet Some Happy Customers

Left to Right: Nikki Flannigan, PG&E Account Representative; Yasar Cinkilic, Da Vinci General Manager; Janet Berger, Da Vinci Head of Housekeeping; and Scott Johnsson, In The Zone Director.



PG&E’s Trade Professional Alliance members deliver solutions to help their customers realize significant energy savings and rebates. Below we’ve profiled a customer who has invested in a significant energy efficiency project and thus benefitted from lower energy usage, and receiving a PG&E rebates as a result!

PG&E Customer and Location

Da Vinci Villa – San Francisco, CA

Type of Business


Trade Pro

In The Zone

Project Description

Replacement of commercial laundry equipment with an Ozone Laundry System, which offers the following benefits:

  • Reduces hot water consumption because ozone works best with cold water, resulting in less gas usage
  • Reduces need for fabric softener, shortening drying times and saving electricity
  • Reduces need for chemicals, detergents and bleaches, increasing savings
  • Reduces labor costs by shortening laundry cycles and time spent sorting and rewashing
  • Reduces water and sewer costs due to fewer

Measure Code(s)

B85 (PDF, 2.1 MB), Ozone Laundry System

Energy Savings

6,877 Therms

PG&E Rebate Amount


The Trade Professional Alliance Team