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Energy constitutes a major expense for any business, and lighting alone makes up an especially large chunk of the bills. In fact, lighting accounts for nearly $1 out of every $3 that a business spends on energy. Fortunately, there are several energy efficient commercial lighting products available that can help cut down on those monthly lighting costs and increase company profits.

However, some business owners and property managers are reluctant to install those commercial lighting products because they are worried about the initial investment. There is good news: There are a lot of lighting rebates available that significantly lower upfront installation costs, which in turn makes locking in long-term energy savings even easier.

Modern, efficient commercial lighting solutions

When speaking about energy efficient lighting, one technology comes to mind more than any other: light emitting diodes (LEDs).

LED lighting is a rapidly evolving technology that offers many advantages over traditional lighting technologies. There is no mercury or other hazardous chemicals or gases in LEDs. They use less energy, last longer and provide highly reliable service, thereby greatly reducing energy bills and maintenance costs. LED fixtures also offer more focused light output and more uniform light distribution, key benefits for most lighting applications.

Nearly all commercial lighting rebates incorporate LEDs and fixtures. And the prices of these products have come down sharply in the past few years, making them practical for nearly any lighting budget, especially once lighting rebates are factored in.

Commercial lighting rebates by category

There are so many commercial lighting rebates available these days that it can sometimes feel overwhelming to business owners and property managers who are unfamiliar with the selection of energy efficient products on the market. The following is a brief primer for Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) commercial customers who are just beginning to explore lighting rebate options.

Interior Fixtures

  • Interior LED high-bay and low-bay fixtures ($24.00-$250.00 p/fixture): These fixtures, which feature advanced LED lighting technology, are perfect for large indoor spaces like gyms, warehouses and assembly facilities. They greatly reduce energy usage, cost and maintenance, while improving light quality and output level. They can also be equipped with dimmers and lighting controls for further lighting improvements and savings.

LED Troffers

  • LED Troffers ($4.25-$6.00/kilolumen): Troffers are rectangular light fixtures that typically fit into modular dropped ceiling grids and are extremely common in large commercial spaces. In many outdated spaces, troffers are commonly outfitted with fluorescent fixtures. By updating troffers with LED luminaires, business owners can achieve better lighting quality, higher energy savings, longer lasting lighting and reduced maintenance. LEDs also provide an opportunity for integrated controls and are a strong option for renovations that allow for simple redesigns in fixture layout.
  • LED Troffer retrofit kits ($4.25-$6.00/kilolumen): Troffer retrofit lighting kits are less expensive than new luminaires because they are inserted into existing housing systems. This energy efficiency upgrade offers the ability to update to more sustainable lighting in stages because retrofitted troffers are designed to look the same as new luminaires, so it’s possible to have a mixture of both without creating an unattractive space. The retrofit kits replace the existing fluorescent lamps, sockets, ballasts, lens and frames. This is a strong solution for business and property owners looking to achieve better lighting quality, higher energy savings, longer lasting lighting and reduced maintenance.

Accent and directional lighting

  • LED accent, surface, pendant, track and recessed downlight options ($8.00-$15.50 p/fixture): As incandescent bulbs and fixtures continue to be pushed out of the marketplace, they are increasingly being replaced by LEDs. LEDs offer much better directional lighting ability, which makes them ideal for any space where lighting is imperative to creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

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