How to safely share your data for maximum energy savings

How to Safely Share Your Data for Maximum Energy Savings

Did you know that you can save time and manage energy usage by sharing your energy use data with companies you trust? PG&E's Share My Data program allows you to share your energy usage information with companies offering new energy tools and programs designed to help you create an energy management plan that works for you.

How does Share My Data work?
The PG&E Share My Data program allows you to share your energy usage information with third-party partners such as energy design firms, contractors and consultants so they can use it to provide solutions that can reduce your energy usage and potentially costs. You are completely in charge of which companies receive your energy usage data and you can stop sharing that information at any time.

The Share My Data program also allows you to download your energy usage history so that you're able to evaluate and identify key usage trends for yourself.

Benefits of sharing your data
By sharing your energy usage data with approved third-party partners, you're able to access a variety of energy management experts and the tools they've developed to better interpret, analyze and manage energy usage. This enables you to potentially save energy by reducing your usage and save money by increasing energy efficiency.

How to share your data
Log in to your PG&E account online and select the Share My Data option or go to the website of the company you are planning to share your energy data with. The program also enables you to share your data with more than one company so that you can compare advice and analysis.

The Share My Data program offers a safe, streamlined way to give companies you plan to do business with authorization to access your energy data in an easy-to-use format for maximum integration.

How much does the Share My Data program cost?
There is no participation cost for signing up and using the Share My Data program. The service was designed to foster innovation by energy efficiency companies that want to help customers understand, manage and reduce their energy usage.

If you have any questions about how the Share My Data program can help you, contact the Share My Data team at Or, contact a representative through Business Customer Service.