Discover Tools that Can Help Your Business Save Money

Discover Tools that Can Help Your Business Save Money

When you own your own business, you know that even the smallest things can impact your bottom line. Therefore you need to get the most out of your time and energy. We want to help. That’s why we’re offering four new tools within your PG&E online account that allow you to more easily analyze your usage and anticipate future costs to help your bottom line.

Cost Comparison

With the Cost Comparison tool, you easily see how your costs stack up month-by-month. You see what impacts your monthly costs - like differences in summer and winter rates, bill period durations, use during peak periods and more – and can better predict future bill amounts, budget energy usage and more.

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Cost and Usage Trends

Get the big picture on your business’s energy usage trends that enable you to compare how your energy costs and usage change over time. Look at the previous month, the same month last year, or anywhere in between to better understand your energy use over time. Reviewing these trends offers a broad overview of the way your energy use and costs change due to factors like your rate plan, daylight savings, temperature, energy demand, and more. This long-term view can help you identify energy trends, prepare for changes and plan your budget.

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Use My Rates to compare your current rate plan against other eligible rate plans.

Weather Impact

Just as in your daily life, weather affects the amount of energy it takes to run your business. The Weather Impact tool gives you a precise look at how your usage changes based on the temperature outside, so you can see how weather affects your business operations and plan ahead for hot summer months and cooler winter periods. So, whether you find yourself putting on a jacket or wishing you were wearing shorts on your way to work, you can adapt your business’ energy usage to match.

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Operating Schedule

The Operating Schedule tool helps you identify excess or unnecessary usage outside of typical business hours. Are you running the A/C on days you’re closed or is machinery in use after hours? Now you can see exactly how much unnecessary energy you’re expending, and then start making the changes to help your business save without impacting your normal operations.

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By looking back at your detailed usage, you can make an impact on your business’ energy bills. Get started now by signing in to Your Account and accessing Cost & Usage Trends tools.