Learn about the PG&E energy grid

PG&E continues to deliver safe energy directly to you. We deliver this power through our electric system to Northern and Central California. PG&E produces or buys energy from many sources. The sources include conventional and renewable sources. This harnessed power travels through our electric transmissions and distribution systems. This series of systems is called the energy grid.


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Find out how PG&E plans to improve the energy grid

PG&E is part of a nationwide effort to modernize the energy grid. The upgrade can create more efficient and reliable energy, cleaner energy and more jobs.

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Find out how the Smart Grid benefits you

The adoption of a Smart Grid is a vital step toward to creating a cleaner California. The Smart Grid helps PG&E reach our goal of reducing our carbon footprint. We believe it is a wise venture for our communities, our economy and our environment.


The Smart Grid can benefit you by:

  • Providing information to help you reduce your electricity bill.
  • Improving electric reliability.
  • Enhancing efficiency in electricity generation, transmission and distribution.
  • Supporting renewable resources such as wind and solar.

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Find out how the Smart Grid balances the PG&E electric system

The electricity you are using right now was made less than a second ago. The amount of electricity put into the grid must always balance the amount of electricity that is being used. The Smart Grid gives grid operators tools to help them better understand the electric demand.

Grid operators can quickly react to rapid changes in consumer demand. The operators can adjust the electricity on the grid to match the demand. Grid operators can also manage power sources with variable generation of electricity. The sources include wind or solar energy.

Smart Grid upgrades can benefit Californians with greater energy reliability. The Smart Grid allows PG&E to gain more energy from renewable sources. This innovation is a win for customers, the environment and all of California.