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Find additional seismic report data

Access other seismic reports created by the SSHAC. Visit SSHAC* Studies for DCPP Seismic Hazard Update.

Visit the following external websites to view the data used to create the report:

  • The NAMSS website has the marine data. The data is in the Pacific Gas and Electric Company section. The Offshore Pt. Buchon 2D data set can be directly downloaded from the website. These are large files and may take time to download. The size of the files is roughly 4GB. Because of the files’ size, the 3D data sets are available upon request from the agency. Please follow the instructions on the NAMSS page to request the data sets. Visit USGS National Archive of Marine Seismic Surveys (NAMSS) website.
  • You can also obtain the land data. The report number is 14-027. Visit View Assembled/Active Source Datasets Inventory. You can access the report directly. Visit Index of /data/reports/2014/14-027. The page contains a “readme” file. This file describes the various data sets and the Onshore 2D-3D Data Processing Report. Because of the files’ size, the 3D data sets are available upon request from the agency. Use the Assembled Data Request form. Visit Assembled Data Request.