Safety and steps to recovery

During and after a wildfire, we want to help ensure your safety. We will also prioritize restoring service in wildfire zones as soon as it is safely possible. And for those who lose their home or business to a wildfire, we're here to help in the rebuilding process. This information is for customers impacted by the Carr, Mendocino Complex or Ferguson fires.

General Outage

Current outage information

View our map for current outage details. The map is updated automatically every 15 minutes.

General Emergency

Returning home safely

Follow these recommendations to protect your family and your home.

General Change Service

Having power restored

Learn the steps we take to turn your gas or electricity back on.

General Billing

Billing and credit support

Find out how billing and payments are handled for customers impacted by wildfires.

General Residential

Rebuilding a home or business

We have a dedicated Building and Renovation Services team to help you.

Safety upon returning home

Once First Responders allow you to return home, find out what you should do about electric safety, gas safety and gas restoration.

Restoring gas and electric power

PG&E crews make power restoration a priority while keeping safety first.

PG&E credit support for wildfire-impacted customers

At PG&E our first commitment is to our customers and communities that have been impacted by wildfires. As part of that commitment, we are offering credit relief for customers who lost their home or business in the recent 2018 wildfires by temporarily suspending disconnections, waiving re-establishment deposits and offering flexible payment arrangements for previous account balances.

Rebuilding your home or business

Our Building and Renovation Services department works directly with customers impacted by wildfires.