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This page enables you to view current rotating outages and locate your rotating outage block number.

View rotating outages

Currently, there are no rotating outages. 

If the California Independent System Operator deems it necessary, PG&E begins rotating outages. The outages start at Block 1 in the system.


Find your block number

Locate your block number and sub-block number on page 3 of your energy statement. Look under "Rotating Outage Blk." You can also find your block on the Rotating Outage Block Map. Enter your address on the map and select Go.

In a power emergency, go to


Access geographic data related to rotating outages

We provide information about rotating outage block areas within our service territory to public safety agencies. This information helps the public prepare for potential rotating outages. The data represents a snapshot of our electric distribution configuration, as it exists now. We assume no liability for decisions that are made based on the use of this map or data.