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Please be sure to read and understand our Supplier Code of Conduct and Supplier Qualification Manual. Notify your PG&E business contact or call PG&E's Compliance and Ethics Helpline at 1-888-231-2310 to report any issues or concerns while performing work.

Announcing eSCR: The Electronic Supplier Change Request Program

PG&E is automating the Supplier Change Request (SCR) program, an improvement that will make it easier for suppliers to comply with the SCR process and continue to ensure that their materials conform to specifications.

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New Gold Shovel Standard for Contractors

Find out what PG&E contractors need to do before beginning any excavation work.

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Contractor Safety

At PG&E, there is nothing more important than public, employee and contractor safety. In support of this commitment, PG&E has established an enterprise Contractor Safety Program. This program outlines the minimum requirements for managing and overseeing contractors and subcontractors (at any tier) that perform medium and high risk work activities on behalf of PG&E, on either PG&E or customer sites and assets. As a prime contractor or subcontractor, maintaining a pre-qualified status in PG&E's third-party administrator for contractor safety performance management system is a requirement for doing business with PG&E.

For a list of PG&E registered and qualified contractors in ISNetworld, please see the links below:

Additionally, the following links are for the Contractor Safety Program requirements that are located in your contract and associated documents and templates:

Electric Distribution Project and Contract Management (P&CM) safety and quality related templates are provided below:

Resources for Suppliers

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