Resource Adequacy Request for Offers (RFO)

PG&E issues this Resource Adequacy and Request for Offers ("RFO") to sell for products summarized below in Table 1. This website provides a summary of the RFO. Additional RFO details are provided in the RFO Protocol (PDF, 74 KB).

Participation in this RFO requires the completion of the documents also noted in Table 1 below. Failure to provide the listed information may result in the proposal to be deemed non-conforming and thus may disqualify the proposal from further consideration. PG&E, at its sole discretion, may change the terms, requirements and schedule of this RFO.

Table 1: List of 2018 RFO Products

Product NumberProductTypePeriod (Delivery Term to be Individual Months)Submittal Documents


System RA Capacity


JAN-DEC 2018


Local RA Capacity


JAN-DEC 2018

Schedule for RFO


PG&E issues RFO

July 17, 2017

Deadline for Participants to submit a Bid

July 31, 2017; 1 PM Pacific Prevailing Time (PPT)

Bid evaluation, PRG review, negotiate definitive terms, and Confirmation execution if any

Mid- August - Early October, 2017

RFO ends

October 15, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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