Tree Mortality Non-Bypassable Charge (TMNBC) Bundled RPS Energy Sale

Pursuant to California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issued Decision 18-12-003, PG&E is conducting its Tree Mortality (TM) Non-Bypassable Charge (NBC) Resource Adequacy (RA) Sales Solicitation to make available for sale the Generic North System RA Capacity from PG&E's existing TM Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), listed in the table below. The product for sale is unit-contingent, meaning Buyer receives the available RA capacity, calculated as the lesser of the TM PPA contract capacity and the California Independent Sysytem Operator (CASIO) Net Qualifying Capacity (NQC), from the applicable TM PPA for months when the unit is not on an approved planned outage, for the residual term of the TM PPA. Delivery Term begins upon CPUC approval of the Tier 1 Advice Letter.      

Per CPUC Resolution E-4977, effective as of January 31, 2019, PG&E is required to amend certain biomass related contracts, including PG&E’s existing TM PPAs listed in the table below, related to compliance, reporting, payment, terms of default, feedstock requirements, and PG&E’s bankruptcy status. Specifically, Resolution E-4977 requires that PG&E propose modifications to the representations and warranties and events of default of the TM PPAs to account for PG&E’s status in bankruptcy and the related jurisdiction of a federal bankruptcy court. If such amendments have already been completed or will be completed before the expiration of the applicable TM PPA, the Product will be subject to the terms and conditions of the TM PPA, including such amendments.

The solicitation complies with PG&E's Advice Letter 5478-E, was approved by the CPUC on May 23, 2019.

PG&E's Existing Tree Mortality PPAs

Facility Name
Contract Capacity (MW)Initial Energy Delivery Date Expected Delivery End Date
Burney Forest Products




Wheelabrator Shasta




Targeted Schedule

All times are in Pacific Prevailing Time (PPT)

All times are in Pacific Prevailing Time (PPT)

EventDate/Time (PPT)

Bidders may register online at PG&E’s RFO website to receive notices regarding the solicitation.


PG&E issues the solicitation.

March 25, 2019

Participants' Webinar

April 2, 2019

Bids Due. Bid(s) must be submitted to the online platform at Power Advocate.

April 17, 2019 at 1:00 PM

PG&E notifies qualified Participants.

April 22, 2019

PG&E and qualified Participants complete negotiation of an Agreement, which shall be subject to “CPUC Approval,” as provided in the Agreement.

May 2019

PG&E submits Agreements for CPUC Approval.

No later than 60 days after execution.

Power Advocate Instructions and Registration

All Participants interested in submitting a bid package will need to pre-register with Power Advocate before submitting a bid into the solicitation using the link below: (Event ID 89159)

Power Advocate Instructions

Power Advocate Instructions (PDF, 280KB)

Solicitation Protocol, TMNBC EEI Master Agreement Confirmation, and Bid Form

Buyers must meet the criteria established in PG&E's Solicitation Protocol in order to submit bids for the purchase of bundled RPS-eligible energy and RECs from PG&E. As a requirement to participate, Buyers must submit a completed Bid Form in accordance with the solicitation timeline. If Buyers propose edits to the form of Agreement, those edits must be included at submission of Bid.


Reference Documents

PG&E will make available the following information for its TM PPAs with 1) Burney Forest Products and 2) Wheelabrator Shasta via Power Advocate upon receiving an executed Attachment C - Confidentiality Agreement.

      • Executed versions of the existing TM PPAs
      • Historical generation data (monthly breakdown)

Advice Letters requesting approval for PG&E's TM PPAs

Questions & Answers

        • Q&A (Updated 4/4/2019)

Participants' Webinar


PG&E will host a Participants' Webinar for the 2019 TMNBC Bundled RPS Energy Sale Solicitation. See below for details:

Please note that for optimal viewing, it is best not to use VPN, but instead to connect directly to the Internet. Please disable your pop-up blockers in order to view the content in its entirety. This event is being streamed. It is recommended that you listen via your computer speakers.

Additional options for audio listening: Toll-Free Attendee Dial In: 866-294-4341 Conference ID: 8679913

The presentation of this event, along with the audio file and attendee list will be available shortly after the event.

Contact Information


For information or questions about the TMNBC Bundled RPS Energy Sale Solicitation, email with a copy to the Independent Evaluator, Lewis Hashimoto at


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