2018 Oakland Clean Energy Initiative RFO


PG&E is issuing the Oakland Clean Energy Initiative (OCEI) Request for Offers (RFO) on behalf of itself and East Bay Community Energy (EBCE), to develop an innovative solution to meet Oakland's transmission reliability needs ("OCEI Need") through the development of preferred energy resources within the local community. 

As part of the California Independent System Operator's (CAISO) 2017-2018 transmission planning process, PG&E proposed a combination of substation upgrades and preferred resources to address the OCEI Need absent local fossil-fired generation. The OCEI RFO focuses on the development of such preferred resources to mitigate contingency overloads in the local sub-area. 

The PG&E and East Bay Community Energy solicitation will competitively source a portfolio of local clean resources such as renewable generation, energy storage and energy efficiency.

2018 OCEI RFO Proposed Schedule


Issuance of RFO

April 13, 2018

Deadline to confirm site visit attendance at Oakland C and Oakland L Substations for Participants submitting utility-ownership offers

April 30, 2018, 12 PM (PPT)

Participants encouraged to submit signed Confidentiality Agreement for Utility-Ownership Offers (Attachment D1) for access to additional PG&E-owned site data 

April 27, 2018, 5 PM (PPT) 

Site visit to Oakland C and Oakland L for Participants submitting utility-ownership offers

May 3, 2018

Deadline to RSVP for PG&E/EBCE-hosted Participants' Conference/Webinar (required for in-person attendance only)

May 7, 2018, 12 PM (PPT)

PG&E/EBCE-hosted Participants' Conference/Webinar

May 9, 2018, 1 - 3 PM (PPT)

Deadline for Participants to submit offers via Power Advocate

June 15, 2018, 1 PM (PPT)

PG&E seeks additional utility-owned energy storage offers

August 20, 2018

Utility-Ownership Only: Deadline to RSVP for 9/6 webcast and submit signed Confidentiality Agreement (required for participation)

September 5, 2018, 4PM (PPT)

Utility-Ownership Only: PG&E webcast review of scope changes and additional utility-ownership documents uploaded to Power Advocate (link sent upon RSVP confirmation)

September 6, 2018, 10 AM (PPT)

Utility-Ownership Only: Deadline to RSVP for 9/11 site walk at Oakland C Substation

September 10, 2018, 12 PM (PPT)

Utility-Ownership Only: Site walk at Oakland C Substation

September 11, 2018

Non-Utility Ownership Participants notified of eligibility for Shortlisted offer negotiations

September 14, 2018

Deadline for notified Non-Utility Ownership Shortlisted Participants to accept Shortlist status

September 21, 2018, 5 PM (PPT)

Negotiations with Non-Utility Ownership Shortlisted Participants begin

October 2018

Utility-Ownership Only: Deadline for Participants to submit additional utility-ownership offers via Power Advocate 

October 15, 2018, 1 PM (PPT)

Utility-Ownership Only: Utility-Ownership Participants notified of eligibility for Shortlisted offer negotiations

November 9, 2018

PG&E submits Agreements for CPUC Approval; EBCE submits Agreements for EBCE Board Approval

March 2019

PG&E is Now Seeking Additional Offers for Utility-Ownership 

PG&E is seeking additional offers in the 2018 OCEI RFO solicitation for utility-ownership (UO) offers for CAISO-approved energy storage as a dedicated transmission asset. PG&E is requiring a base offer with a minimum project size of 10MW / 40MWh at Oakland C Substation. In addition to the required base offer, Participants may submit up to five alternate offers for storage capacities greater than 10MW / 40MWh up to 20MW / 120MWh. PG&E is not accepting additional offers at Oakland L Substation. Offers are due Monday, October 15th, 2018 at 1 PM (PPT) via Power Advocate. Note, additional third party offers will not be accepted. The timeline for review and shortlisting of the third party ownership offers will not be affected.

Important: Updated site and scope documents, drawings, etc. have been uploaded to Power Advocate. In order to access these documents, please be sure to 1) register in Power Advocate for new bid event OCEI RFO- Seeking Additional Offers for Utility Ownership Energy Storage Only (Bid Event 83772) and 2) have a signed PG&E Confidentiality Agreement. All parties will be eligible to submit a UO offer regardless of whether or not an offer was submitted on June 15th, 2018. To expedite the process, PG&E recommends submission of a signed Confidentiality Agreement as early as possible, if one has not been previously submitted.

Webcast: There will be a webcast on Thursday, September 6th, 2018 at 10 AM (PPT) to review the scope changes and additional utility-ownership documents uploaded to Power Advocate. To RSVP, email OCEI_RFO@pge.com and CC independent evaluator, jonathan.jacobs@paconsulting.com, with subject line 'OCEI: RSVP 9/6 UO Webcast' to confirm attendance (webcast link will be sent upon RSVP confirmation). The extended deadline to RSVP for the webcast and to submit a signed Confidential Agreement, which will be required for participation, is Wednesday, September 5th at 4 PM (PPT).

Site Walk at Oakland C Substation: 
PG&E is hosting a site walk on Tuesday, September 11th, 2018 starting at 9:30AM (PPT) or 11AM (PPT) at Oakland C Substation (100 Jefferson Street, Oakland, CA 94607) - assigned time to be confirmed via Email. During the site walk, vendors will be given the opportunity to see the new space/site configuration and have a Q&A discussion. To RSVP, Email OCEI_RFO@pge.com and CC independent evaluator, jonathan.jacobs@paconsulting.com, with subject line 'OCEI: RSVP 9/11 UO Site Walk' with list of names and Emails of the attendees included in the body of the Email. The deadline to RSVP for the site walk is Monday, September 10th at 12PM (PPT).

All site walk attendees must provide their own hard hat, safety glasses/goggles, fire retardant shirt and pants, safety boots, and safety vest. Site visit attendees that do not have the requisite personal protective equipment (PPE) will not be allowed to enter the substation site. 

RFO Protocol and Appendices

Power Advocate Instructions and Registration

All Participants interested in submitting an offer package will need to pre-register with Power Advocate before submitting an Offer into the RFO. There will be separate Power Advocate sites for third-party owned and utility-owned offer submittals.  Please ensure offers are submitted to the applicable site.

Power Advocate Links

Non-Utility Owned Projects (Event ID 78749)

Utility Owned Projects (Event ID 78750)
OCEI RFO - Seeking Additional Offers for Utility Ownership Energy Storage Only (Event ID 83772) (Updated 8-20-2018)

Power Advocate Instructions

Power Advocate Instructions (PDF, 280KB)

Integration Capacity Map

PG&E’s PV RAM Map provides a map of PG&E’s feeders and an indication of the system impacts from future interconnections at specific feeder locations. All feeders connected to PG&E Oakland C or L Substations will have a Feeder Name beginning with “OAKLAND” or “SUBSTATION L”.

The RAM map displays integration capacity values for DER. These values are intended to help users by indicating DER capacities that are expected to require Detailed Interconnection Studies. It is encouraged that customers apply using DER capacities that are less than the reported Integration Capacity value to have better chances of passing the interconnection Fast Track.

The distribution lines are colored based on a Red Amber Green coloring scale where green represents locations on each feeder that have higher integration capacity values then other locations on the feeder. Red is intended to display locations with lower capacity values, but does not necessarily mean a DER is not allowed to interconnect. The lower capacity values intended to show high chances of requiring detailed interconnection study. The coloring scheme is currently based on the PV Integration Capacity values.

Integration Capacity (“DER Capacity”) results shown are only indicative of system headroom for future interconnections. Integration Capacity is subject to change based on future updates to forecasting, distribution infrastructure upgrades, queued interconnection applications, and other dynamic aspects of the distribution system. Integration Capacity is not a result directly indicating interconnection study results. Actual interconnection requirements and costs will be determined following interconnection studies that consider your specific project location, size and application date compared to other projects in the same vicinity.

Confidentiality Agreement

Utility-Owned Projects:
PG&E will require Participants submitting offers for utility-owned energy storage at Oakland C and Oakland L to sign the Confidentiality Agreement (PG&E's Appendix D1) to access additional PG&E-owned site data. Participants are highly encouraged to submit a signed Confidentiality Agreement by 4/27/2018, 5 PM (PPT) via Power Advocate.

Third-Party Owned Projects:
PG&E and EBCE will require shortlisted Participants submitting offers for third-party owned projects to acknowledge and accept the applicable Confidentiality Agreement(s) (PG&E's Appendix D1 and/or EBCE's Appendix D2) at time of accepting shortlist status. EBCE Participants will be required to submit a signed Confidentiality Agreement (EBCE's Appendix D2) to EBCE.

Participants' Conference and Webinar


PG&E/EBCE will co-host a Participants' Conference/Webinar for the 2018 OCEI RFO on Wednesday, May 9th, 2018. RSVP required for in-person attendance by Monday, May 7th, 2018 at Noon (PPT). See below for event details:

  • Event: Participants' Conference/Webinar for the OCEI RFO
  • Location: Oakland City Hall, Hearing Room 1, 1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA 94612
  • Date: Wednesday, May 9th, 2018
  • Time:1- 3 PM (PPT)
  • RSVP: Email OCEI_RFO@pge.com by Monday, May 7th at  Noon (PPT)
  • Webcast Info: https://engage.vevent.com/rt/_pge_~05092018 Please note that for optimal viewing, it is best not to use VPN, but instead to connect directly to the internet. Please disable your pop-up blockers in order to view the content in its entirety. This event is being streamed. It is recommended that you listen via your computer speakers. Additional options for audio listening: Toll-Free Attendee Dial In: 844-210-9667 / Conference ID: 6387147

The presentation of this event, along with the audio file and attendee list will be available shortly after the event.

Site Visit for Utility-Owned Energy Storage System Offers at Oakland C and Oakland L Substations

The proposed project at Oakland C and Oakland L is a project for utility-ownership under an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) agreement. PG&E requires a signed Confidentiality Agreement (Appendix D1) submitted via Power Advocate in order to access site-specific information, technical specifications, and contract term sheets. Site visit details can be found below:

  • Location: Oakland C and Oakland L Substations
  • Address for Oakland C: 199 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Oakland California 94607 (Corner of 2nd Street and MLK Jr Way) - Meet at gate on east side of MLK Jr. Way
  • Address for Oakland L: 581 2nd Street Oakland, California 94612 (Between Telegraph Ave and San Pablo Ave) - Meet at middle roll up door on 21st Street 
  • Date: Thursday, May 3, 2018
  • Time: Session 1: Oakland C 8:30AM - 12PM (PPT) / Session 2: Oakland L 1PM - 4PM (PPT) - Assigned time to be confirmed via Email
  • Limit: Maximum 2 employees per vendor/company

All attendees must provide their own hard hat, safety glasses/goggles, fire retardant shirt and pants, safety boots, and safety vest. Site visit attendees that do not have the requisite personal protective equipment (PPE) will not be allowed to enter the substation site.

All Participants interested in attending the site visit must send an email to OCEI_RFO@pge.com confirming the names and email addresses of the attendees by 4/30 at 12PM (PPT). PG&E will confirm via Email reply shortly after with further information on site logistics and exact session start times.

Contact Information

Send questions about this RFO to OCEI_RFO@pge.com and CC the Independent Evaluator, Jonathan Jacobs, at Jonathan.Jacobs@PAConsulting.com. For EBCE-specific questions only, Participants may communicate with EBCE by e-mail to OCEI_RFO@ebce.org

PG&E is responsible for collecting all information associated with Offers to both PG&E and EBCE. For Offers to EBCE for market products, PG&E will review all Offers for accuracy and completeness only before distributing such Offers to EBCE for EBCE’s review and evaluation.

To receive notices about this RFO and to be added to PG&E's RFO Distribution List, visit Wholesale Electric Power Procurement.