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PG&E's Energy Efficiency Financing (EEF) Program enables qualified, non-residential PG&E customers with a means to finance energy-efficiency (EE) retrofit projects. These are projects intended to replace worn-out equipment with more energy-efficient models. Customers are offered a 0% interest loan that is in line with the monthly energy savings from the project upgrades, payable through their monthly energy bill.

Qualifying for the EEF program

Under the EEF program, PG&E offers two products: On Bill Financing (OBF) and On Bill Financing with rebates. To qualify for the program, a customer must:

  • Currently receive service at the location of the retrofit project,
  • Have maintained an active PG&E account for the previous 24 months, and
  • Be in good credit standing (no 24-hour disconnection notices in the last 12 months).

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Supporting information

ICP IREE Certification Training for project developers. Investor Ready Energy Efficiency (IREE) is a certification awarded to energy efficiency retrofit projects that conform to the requirements of the Investor Confidence Project (ICP) Protocols.

On-Bill Financing for Project Developers Course is a requirement that all active Trade Professionals must complete by on an annual basis.

GoGreen Business Energy Financing, administered by the state of California, can be an alternative if your customer is ineligible for OBF. It can also be combined with OBF if additional financing is needed.

Supporting documents

These documents are required to submit a complete financing application.

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