Former manufactured gas plant – adjacent to Potrero, San Francisco



From 1902 to 1915, a manufactured gas plant operated immediately south of the present-day Potrero Power Plant property in San Francisco’s Central Waterfront area.

The plant was originally operated by the Independent Gas and Power Corporation, founded by the owner of Spreckels Sugar Company. Mr. Claus Spreckels entered the gas and electric business in 1901 and by 1902 had built a gas plant adjacent to his sugar factory. The plant site was located along Delaware and 23rd (formerly Nevada) Streets near the Bay shore.

The plant only operated for about a year before it was sold to San Francisco Gas and Electric Company, owner of the Potrero Gas Works plant adjacent to this site. Thereafter, the gas plant operated as part of the Potrero Gas Works. The plant was expanded in 1905, but shut down by 1915. Some of its facilities continued to be used for a number of years as part of the Potrero Gas Works.

When PG&E was formed in 1905, the company acquired both the Potrero and Adjacent to Potrero gas plants. The properties were later sold, and a warehouse currently occupies this site.