Former Santa Rosa manufactured gas plant

Project status: PG&E has completed remediation work at the site of a former manufactured gas plant (MGP), located near the corner of First Street and Santa Rosa Avenue in Santa Rosa (site). The North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (Water Board) and the Santa Rosa Fire Department (SRFD) have approved the completion of remediation work agreeing that it provides long-term protection of public health and the environment.


Former Santa Rosa manufactured gas plant around 1900


PG&E continues to monitor groundwater and manage an underground storage tank in-place. PG&E will continue to keep the community informed about this project through fact sheets, work notices, and other outreach.

Site history: The former Santa Rosa MGP began operating in 1876, producing gas that provided a constant source of energy to the community for lighting, cooking and heating. PG&E acquired and operated the MGP from 1908 to 1924, at which time the plant was closed and dismantled. PG&E later operated the site as a gas distribution center. PG&E sold the property in 1987 and today the site consists of an office building parking lot. From 2008 to 2013, PG&E removed 55,000 gallons of liquid coal tar and 1,200 tons of soil containing former gas plant residues. The site was then restored as a parking lot.