Former Potrero Power Plant, San Francisco

potrero power plant

Photo of Potrero Power Plant

PG&E is committed to addressing environmental impacts from our historical operations. We have a voluntary program dedicated to this goal. Currently, we are working at the Potrero Power Plant and at Pier 70. Work includes looking at impacts dating as far back to when a Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) operated in the area from the 1870s to the 1930s. The Potrero Power Plant was owned by PG&E from 1910 to 1999, when it was sold. In fall of 2016, the plant property was sold by NRG Potrero, LLC to Associate Capital. PG&E is continuing to work with Associate Capital on cleanup efforts.

PG&E is working closely with the Port of San Francisco and others to plan its efforts. Work is overseen by the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board (Water Board), the lead regulatory agency. A number of local, state and federal regulatory agencies are also engaged.

Contact Information

Contact information

Environmental Remediation Information and Response Line  1-866-247-0581
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Important health & safety information

Important health and safety information

There is no indication that PG&E's former MGP sites pose any health concerns to the public, based on our testing, experience, and extensive review of medical literature.