Former Monterey manufactured gas plant

Old pic of Monterey MGP


History: The former Monterey manufactured gas plant (MGP) operated from 1902 until 1929. The MGP was historically located at the southwest corner of Figueroa Street and Del Monte Avenue in Monterey, California. The plant was shut down in 1929 when natural gas became available in Monterey. The plant was dismantled in 1934. PG&E conducted several phases of investigation on soil and groundwater at the site to determine the extent of remediation necessary.

Overview: In 2012, PG&E completed environmental remediation work at the site. This work is part of a voluntary program under the oversight of the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC).

The project was divided into two phases. In 2010, the first phase of work was conducted on PG&E’s former MGP property, which is now PG&E’s Monterey Substation. Phase two of remediation began in September 2011 and was completed in January 2012. This remediation effort included excavation of soil beneath a portion of the City of Monterey's West Catellus parking lot, located directly across Del Monte Avenue from the PG&E substation.


Figueroa Street before remediation


Figueroa Street after remediation

Community benefits: Landscape design promoting public safety, controlled management of runoff, and reduction of litter, debris, dust and loitering; revitalization of a highly visible property located in Old Town Monterey; and support of the economy through use of local businesses and vendors. PG&E received a thank you letter from the Mayor of Monterey (PDF, 30 KB) for the beautification work performed at the site.


Distorted West Catellus Parking Lot during remediation

Sustainability: Sustainable practices are important to PG&E. We try to reduce our carbon footprint on environmental remediation projects to the greatest extent possible. We reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 12.6 tons. This project also contributed $567,830 to the local economy, which included the use of local contractors and laborers.


Beautiful West Catellus Parking Lot  after remediation

Site-related documents can also be found at:
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Important health & safety information

Important health and safety information

There is no indication that PG&E's former MGP sites pose any health concerns to the public, based on our testing, experience, and extensive review of medical literature.