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Potrero Site Map

We continue to make progress. We finished work in three of the seven project areas:

  • Hoe Down Yard (PG&E owned)
  • Switchyard and Construction Yard (PG&E owned)
  • Station A Area (Portion owned by Associate Capital, and a portion owned by PG&E)

See our area-by-area updates below:

Northeast Area (Associate Capital and Port of San Francisco owned)

Active cleanup work in the area began this summer. Impacts extend to a portion of Pier 70, and are primarily related to the former manufactured gas plant.

The cleanup plan that was approved by the Water Board involves three cleanup methods. Impacted soils will be removed in some areas, treated in-place with a cement mix in other areas where impacts are deeper, and finally, covered in areas with lesser impacts. Also, a durable cover will be installed or existing covers will be maintained at the Site. The durable cover may be paving, buildings or clean soil with vegetation. The cover will protect against contact with remaining residues. This cleanup approach will reduce truck traffic and other impacts to the area. Construction will take about 18 months.

Also, a deed restriction and a risk management plan (RMP) will provide safety guides for future construction work.

After the cleanup, groundwater will be monitored to confirm the cleanup is working as planned.

Download the Water Board Work Notice (PDF, 2.6 MB)
Download the PG&E Work Notice (PDF, 3.4 MB)

The PG&E project team is providing weekly Email Updates on the status of the cleanup (including air monitoring information). Copies of the Email Updates are available below. If you would like to be added to the email distribution list, contact the project team at

Offshore Sediment Area

This area includes sediments in the San Francisco Bay near the former power plant and Pier 70.

PG&E conducted a thorough study of the Offshore Sediment Area. The results, approved by the Water Board, show the presence of impacts that were likely the result of PG&E's historical operations.

A cleanup method was approved by the Water Board last year. The cleanup focuses on two sections within the Offshore Area:

  • Nearshore Area (about 50-75 feet from the shoreline), and
  • Transition Area (about 100 to 150 feet into the Bay)

In the Nearshore Area, impacted sediment will be dredged and removed.  In the Transition Area sediments will be treated in place using activated carbon and natural recovery will clean an area with lower-level impacts.

PG&E is now working with the Water Board on a detailed Cleanup Plan, also called a Remedial Action Plan (RAP). This plan details how the cleanup plan will be implemented. It will also include details about what will be done to reduce impacts to the community, such as how traffic will be managed and workers will be kept safe on the Site.

Download the Water Board Fact Sheet on the Offshore Sediment RAP (PDF, 5.57 MB)

Switchyard and General Construction Yard Areas (PG&E owned)

The Switchyard and General Construction Yard remain an integral part of the City’s electric service. In 2012, the Water Board issued a letter that states work is complete in this area.


Hoe Down Yard (PG&E owned)

The Hoe Down Yard is a PG&E construction and storage area. In 2012, the Water Board issued a letter that states no further work is needed in this area.

Hoe down yard

Station A Area (Associate Capital/PG&E owned)

In February 2017, the Water Board issued a letter that states no further work is needed in this area.

This marks a major milestone, as Station A is one of the largest areas of the Site.

View of buildings in station A area

Power Block Unit 3 (Owned by Associate Capital)

This area includes the former power generation facility (which was shut down in 2011).

PG&E recently completed soil and groundwater studies in the area. We are now working with the Water Board to analyze the results. We expect work in the area to conclude this year.

Image shows power plant

Tank Farm Area (Owned by Associate Capital)

This area includes three large above-ground fuel tanks formerly used to store fuel oil and diesel fuel. Associate Capital, the power plant property owner recently removed the tanks and PG&E is moving forward with study of the area.

View of 3 large above-ground fuel tanks

Safety and reliability projects

In addition to cleanup efforts, PG&E is doing other work in the area. This work is focused on improving the safety and reliability of service in San Francisco.

Contact information

Contact information

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Important health & safety information

Important health and safety information

There is no indication that PG&E's former MGP sites pose any health concerns to the public, based on our testing, experience, and extensive review of medical literature.