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In partnership with We Share Solar and WE Charity, the PG&E Solar Suitcase program educates Northern and Central California students to be the next generation of energy-smart environmental leaders. By combining hands-on engineering education with real-world applicability, teachers cultivate students’ interests in clean energy and inspire them to meet an immediate societal need by delivering solar energy to the developing world.

The PG&E Solar Suitcase program, part of the PG&E Foundation's Better Together Giving Program, empowers 8th-12th grade students to build We Share Solar® Suitcases. The program places special emphasis on leveraging a hands-on and humanitarian approach to engage girls and Latinos who are among the students traditionally under-represented in STEM fields.

Encouraging youth to "act locally and think globally," students complete a local environmental sustainability project and compete for the chance to send 1 teacher and 2 students on an environmental leadership trip to distribute the solar suitcases to energy-scarce regions of the world.

Application Deadline: May 31, 2017

May 31, 2107 is the application deadline to teach the program at your school or organization beginning in August of 2017. All applicants will be notified of their status by June 7, 2017.

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Application Criteria

  • Applicant teaches 8th-12th grade students in a school-based or youth-serving organization in Northern or Central California that receives utility services from PG&E
  • Applicant will attend a two-day teacher training in Stockton on August 8-9th with hotel, travel stipend and meals provided by PG&E
  • Applicant agrees to lead students in designing and implementing a local environmental sustainability project and 2 minute video report in the fall of 2017
  • School/district administrators or nonprofit executive director co-signs application and agrees to possible student and teacher travel abroad for up to 12 days

Desired Qualification

To ensure that the program places special emphasis on engaging girls and Latinos in STEM fields, applicants are encouraged to demonstrate how their program would or already does attract these students to participate

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If you have any questions, please contact Barry Scott at bscott@need.org or 209-482-5663.

2016-2017 PG&E Solar Suitcase Schools



North High School


Delta Vista High School


Inspire School of Arts & Sciences


Buchanan High School

Daly City

Jefferson High School


Madera South High School


Oakland Technical & Skyline High Schools


Sonoma Mountain & Carpe Diem High Schools


Pinole Valley High School


Rio Americano High School

San Francisco

Lincoln High School

San Jose

Independence High School


Seaside High School


Templeton High School


Tracy High School

Upper Lake

Upper Lake High School


Winters High School

PG&E Solar Suitcase stories

VIDEO: Students Act Locally, Think Globally with Solar Suitcases

Their futures are so bright they have to wear shades — especially the students involved in PG&E’s Solar Suitcase program. As this video shows, several students and teachers who participated in PG&E’s first Solar Suitcase program returned from delivering solar kits to communities in Kenya. It’s another example of PG&E’s commitment to STEM education and renewable energy.

High School Students Share Experience of Taking Part in PG&E’s Solar Suitcase Program

The Bakersfield students learned about electricity and how to build solar-powered suitcases to provide light. But they said the resulting global impact of their work, knowing it will help communities in Kenya, is the greatest benefit.

PG&E Grows Solar and Promotes STEM with Solar Suitcase Program

PG&E has selected 19 Northern and Central California schools to participate in the inaugural year of the Solar Suitcase Program. Under the program, students will build portable solar units, share their commitment to sustainability by participating in local projects and have an opportunity to share the solar suitcases with students in Kenya.