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Create a connected home

A smart home can help you save


A connected home offers security, comfort, convenience and energy efficiency — and can help you save on your energy bills. Heating, cooling, lighting and other systems are set up to turn on and off automatically. It’s done by connecting devices like smart thermostats, lighting, outlets and switches to the internet.

Savings, comfort, safety

Savings through energy control

Smart devices offer automatic control over your home’s energy usage, making it easy to be energy efficient. If you’re on a PG&E Time-of-Use rate plan, the devices help you control when you use energy. You can time your usage to coincide with the lower price periods of your rate plan and save.

Comfort and convenience

Monitor your smart-home system from your smart phone, tablet or computer and ensure your home is running efficiently when you’re not there. Some systems can even detect when you’re away and automatically adjust, so your home isn’t using energy when it isn’t needed.

Home safety, security and maintenance

Connected devices can be used to keep your home safe by automating lighting and home monitoring devices. Some devices can also alert homeowners if their heating and air conditioning systems are not working properly and can create reminders for annual system maintenance, filter changes and more.

Devices and apps

Learn about smart thermostats

In the majority of homes, most energy use goes toward heating and cooling. So, a smart thermostat is a good first device to help control energy use without compromising comfort. Find out more about smart thermostats and up to $120 in rebates if you are on or join an energy incentive program.

Learn about smart thermostats


Explore PG&E's Energy Action Guide

At PG&E’s Energy Action Guide, research smart thermostats and other connected home products like lights, outlets and switches. You’ll find each product’s associated energy savings, reviews and prices, so you can compare and find the right products for you.

Visit PG&E’S Energy Action Guide

Secure your smart home

The average home has a multitude of devices connected to the Internet. In addition to laptops, tablets and smart phones, you may have wireless printers, smart TVs, game consoles, media players, thermostats, security cameras and lightbulbs (to name a few).

It's up to you, the consumer, to secure your Internet of Things. Doing so can prevent attacks on your own network and help prevent attackers from hijacking your devices to carry out larger attacks.

The most common cause of a security breach is an unsecured wireless network. There are a few simple but important steps you should take to secure your network:

  • Establish Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2) encryption for your network
  • Replace the default password with a strong, complex password
  • Ensure your router name doesn’t identify your family, location or device type

For help in carrying out these tasks, refer to the user manual for your network hardware (modem/Wi-Fi router). It’ll include instructions for establishing encryption settings and changing your network name and passwords.

The Online Trust Alliance has checklists to help you make informed decisions when buying connected devices. You’ll also find steps to take to defend your network and your smart devices once they’re installed.

Download the Smart Device Purchase and Setup Checklist (PDF)
Download the Smart Home Checklist (PDF)

Home services

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More ways to lower your energy bill

Financial assistance programs

Find out whether your household qualifies for a monthly discount on your energy bill and enroll.

Energy Savings Assistance (ESA) program

Explore no-cost home energy improvements for income-qualified homes that are at least five years old.

Medical Baseline

Residential customers who rely on power for certain medical needs, additional energy at the lowest price on their current rate.