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Peak Day Alerts

Supporting California’s energy grid 

Peak Day Alerts is a no-cost program that supports California’s clean energy grid by asking customers to temporarily reduce energy use when electricity demand is highest.


Frequently asked questions

Peak Day Events are days when the demand for energy exceeds the capacity to supply it. These days often occur when the demand for energy is high during hot weather conditions in the summer season. For the hours of the Peak Day Event, we ask you to reduce your energy use. This helps prevent power interruptions by lowering the demand for energy in your area.

Peak Day Events are called on hot summer days when energy demand is high. Events may occur up to 10 times per season, between June 1 and September 31, and typically between the hours of 4 – 9 pm.

Before a Peak Day Event, you will receive an email with energy savings tips and a reminder to reduce your energy use during a specific time.


After a Peak Day Event, you will receive an update on how much electricity you used. It also compares your energy use to similar homes in your neighborhood.

  • Raise your thermostat by 3-4 degrees. Decreasing air conditioning usage during peak hours is the most effective way to save energy, health permitting.
  • Use fans. Fans can help you beat the heat while reducing your AC needs. Every degree counts.
  • Delay the use of large appliances. Run the dishwasher or do the laundry before 4pm or after 9pm.
  • Enjoy unplugged activities. Instead of watching TV or using electronics that need to be plugged in, read a book, play a board game, or spend quality time with your household members.

There aren’t any penalties on Peak Day Alerts. Not every event day is good timing for your household. If you do not lower your energy use, we just ask you to try again the next event.

Great! PG&E’s time-of-use rate plans encourage you to shift your energy use to off-peak hours and that’s typically when Peak Day Events happen. Shifting your energy use can help to lower your bill and support a healthier environment. If there are other actions you can take to help save just a little more during Peak Day Events, you could save and help out even more.

The neighbor comparison has been proven to effectively help customers save energy and money. We compare your energy use to the use to 80-100 similar size homes that are close to yours and have similar characteristics. We do this to:


  • Provide you with education and context
  • Offer an idea of what you could realistically save during the Peak Day Event

No, only select customers are automatically enrolled in Peak Day Alerts, so customers cannot opt in.

Yes, you can opt out via any Peak Day Alerts email. Click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email and follow the instructions.

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