INSIDEtracc Web - A New Look

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

California Gas Transmission's nomination system, INSIDEtracc, is stepping up to the world of the Web.

Although customers currently access INSIDEtracc through a Web portal, the application itself is not Web-based. Upcoming changes focus on the look and feel of the INSIDEtracc application within a Web environment, along with minor screen improvements. The functionality of the system will remain the same as it is today.

The new Web pages will be streamlined, with navigation across the top of the Web page similar to the current Pipe Ranger Web site navigation. Selections include Nominations, Usage, Balancing, Contracts, Customer, Reporting, Pipe Ranger and Logout.

The target date for implementation is May 22, 2007. At that time, customers can choose to use the new Web-based screens upon logging in to INSIDEtracc, or continue to use the existing windows with the current system. Separate Web URLs will be available for customers to choose which system they'd like to use for logon for a three-week time frame. After this orientation period, customers will be required to use the Web-based environment.

Prior to Rollout

  • INSIDEtracc User IDs will be automatically uploaded to a new login application, and current users will be assigned a temporary password for the Web-based system. The temporary password will need to be changed the first time users logon to the new system (current passwords will still be in place for the existing system, running in parallel).
  • CGT will offer training on the new INSIDEtracc Web pages starting the week of May 14, 2007. Training will be done using Genesys, an online Web conferencing tool used extensively with recent CGT INSIDEtracc training. Customers will have an opportunity to sign up for one of the many online training sessions offered, choosing a time that will best suit their needs. Training dates and times will be detailed in a Pipe Ranger article on May 10.
  • User IDs and passwords will be assigned to each user once they have completed INSIDEtracc training.
  • Screen prints of the new Web pages will also be available on Pipe Ranger prior to the training sessions. CGT encourages all INSIDEtracc users to print a copy of the new Web pages to use as a reference guide during the training sessions. In addition, a new INSIDEtracc Quick Guide will be mailed to all schedulers within the next week.

Watch Pipe Ranger for additional information about these important training dates and times, as well as the location of the screen print documents. Please contact a CGT representative at 1.800.343.4743 with any questions you may have.

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