Supplies with Nowhere to Go

Friday, July 15, 2005

Nominations placed late in the gas day that create large imbalances between supply and demand can pose severe challenges for California Gas Transmission's Operations Planning and Control coordinators. Nominated volumes may be held to prior cycle scheduled volumes when this occurs.

What triggers this scenario?

Some factors contributing to this situation are high pipeline system inventory, low CGT storage availability, and maximum inventory levels on other regional pipelines. When these factors are all in play, CGT can be confronted with unexpectedly high gas supplies coming onto the pipeline system. To maintain pipeline system inventory at acceptable levels late in the gas day, CGT may be forced to hold current nominations to prior cycle scheduled volumes.

What can customers do to help?

Balance supply and demand daily, and place your nominations early. Work to ensure that supplies brought in for your customers do not exceed their daily demands. Monitor the status of western region pipelines in high inventory times to anticipate the likelihood of supplies shifting to PG&E's backbone transmission system on later cycles.

With foresight and planning, supplies will never be all alone with nowhere to go.

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