More INSIDEtracc Improvements

Friday, March 25, 2005

In addition to the AutoRenom enhancements requested in California Gas Transmission's Customer Satisfaction Survey, CGT will roll out two additional INSIDEtracc improvements this coming Tuesday, August 19.

Market Center and Balancing Services Report

INSIDEtracc's 570 Report currently provides a detailed history of activity in a storage, park or lend account. Beginning Tuesday, you may also retrieve Noncore Balancing Aggregation Agreement (NBAA) imbalance history and Natural Gas Service Agreement (NGSA) imbalance history using the 570 Report. For a given date range and account type, the report will return supply, metered usage, tolerance forward, shrinkage and balance or imbalance traded, making your record keeping life that much simpler.

You will also notice some minor formatting improvements to the report, such as the addition of the date range reported and volumes in tenths of decatherms to avoid rounding errors. Enjoy this more versatile, easier to read report.

Nomination History

CGT will also improve INSIDEtracc's nomination history for nominations to downstream contracts. Beginning Tuesday, the nomination history screen will display only the history of the selected nomination.

Although the Downstream Contract field is a unique attribute for nominations, the View Nomination History screen did not previously recognized that field as a unique attribute. As a result, View Nomination History for nominations to off-system destinations have generated results for more nominations than the unique nomination desired. Beginning Tuesday, results will be limited to the history of the selected nomination.

If you have any questions about these improvements to INSIDEtracc, please contact your CGT Scheduling or Account Services Representative.

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