Open Season Closed - CGT Open For Business

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Yesterday Pacific Gas and Electric Company's California Gas Transmission notified participants of the results of their Open Season requests. CGT faxed each participant an executed Request for Firm Service, including awarded volumes for each service.

Annual Baja capacity was sold out completely in the Open Season. Redwood path and storage capacity remain available from CGT Sales Representatives.

With the close of the Open Season, CGT now offers a variety of Gold Coast Transportation and Golden Gate Market Center products for 2003, including:

  • Firm Baja capacity for a term of nine months, from March through November 2003.
  • Annual firm Redwood capacity, for either on- or off-system deliveries.
  • Firm storage, beginning April 1, 2003, and ending March 31, 2004. While the Open Season offered a standard storage product, the Golden Gate Market Center is now ready to tailor a storage program to your specifications. Negotiable terms include injection and withdrawal months, volumes and price.

Phone your CGT Sales Representatives today to discuss your transportation and storage needs.

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