Self-Balancing Open Season

Friday, March 25, 2005

Early last year, California Gas Transmission announced Self-Balancing, a new option for balancing gas on its pipeline system. For 2002, a second Self-Balancing open season is now under way. Customers who would like to Self-Balance beginning April 1, 2002, must elect Self-Balancing by February 28, 2002.

Self-Balancing allows balancing entities to withdraw from the utility's monthly balancing service. Instead, they commit to balancing their own supply and demand every day, within certain limits. In exchange, Self-Balancers receive a $0.005 per Decatherm (Dth) credit based on actual usage. This credit offsets a portion of the balancing costs currently included in all customers' rates. Failure to meet daily Self-Balancing requirements may result in significant daily noncompliance charges.

There are many critical details to understand before choosing Self-Balancing. For complete information on the Self-Balancing program and open season, please read the 2001 Self-Balancing Overview, found in the Settlements wing of Pipe Ranger's Library. The program has not changed for 2002.

Customers and balancing agents not electing Self-Balancing will remain in the current monthly balancing program. The monthly balancing program is not changing as a result of Self-Balancing.

To elect Self-Balancing, a completed Self-Balancing Amendment must be faxed to the California Gas Transmission Contracts team (415.973.9247) by 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, February 28, 2002.

Please contact your CGT Account Services Representative if you have further questions.

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