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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

For your convenience Pacific Gas and Electric Company will make all documents related to its Plan of Reorganization publicly available at its Regulatory Documents Web site This link will open in a new windowThis link will open in a new window.

In order to make other parties' intervention documents available online, Pacific Gas and Electric Company requests that intervenors provide it electronic copies of any pleadings filed at FERC or the NRC. This request is in addition to the FERC and NRC service requirements. Please send copies of your pleadings to within one business day of filing, preferably in Microsoft Word format. Pacific Gas and Electric Company will then make your documents available on its Regulatory Documents Web site.

If you would like to receive e-mail notices of Pacific Gas and Electric Company's pleadings at FERC or the NRC, please send an e-mail to indicating the case(s) you have interest in, your name, address, phone number, party represented, and e-mail address.

Any questions about this process may be directed via e-mail to

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