Ready for Winter 2001

Friday, March 25, 2005

Ready or not, November is less than a week away. To help you prepare for winter and the possibility of an extreme cold weather event, California Gas Transmission brings you the new, improved and revised for 2001 Getting Ready for Winter.

All CGT customers, balancing agents, core procurement groups and Pacific Gas and Electric Company noncore end-use customers should be familiar with this information. Getting Ready for Winter explains and suggests actions to prepare for the possibility of an Operational Flow Order (OFO), Emergency Flow Order (EFO), Involuntary Diversion, or Local Curtailment.

Another good way to tune into Pacific Gas and Electric Company winter procedures is to review the Winter Wednesday Archive. Although some of the specific situations from last winter are not relevant to the upcoming season, these articles do provide invaluable information about CGT contacts and communications, weather, diversions, interconnects and balancing gas.

The Winter Wednesday Archive is available in the Other Resources Wing of the Pipe Ranger Library.

This year Pipe Ranger will continue to bring you updates on winter conditions as the season unfolds and the situation warrants. However, CGT is discontinuing the weekly Winter Wednesday articles it published last year. Mother Nature rarely delivers her news on such a regular schedule. CGT will strive to bring you this news and its impacts on the pipeline system as quickly as possible.

As always, a CGT Representative is available to answer any questions you may have.


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