Status of INSIDEtracc Web Project

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

In October, CGT announced the start of our INSIDEtracc Web Project. The project has two goals:

  1. Make INSIDEtracc available via the Internet, and
  2. Add electronic signature capability for exhibits in INSIDEtracc.

Here's an update on the status of these initiatives.

INSIDEtracc Via the Internet

After further discussions with customers, we realized that our original plan, to re-create the INSIDEtracc screens on the Web, was not necessarily what customers valued the most. We heard that you would rather have the transactional environment change as little as possible, but have the ease and benefit of accessing the system via the Internet.

This input, plus the lessons learned by other pipeline companies, has led us to a different approach: creating Web access to the current INSIDEtracc screens by using terminal emulation. In other words, you will be able to log on to INSIDEtracc via the Internet, utilizing the exact same INSIDEtracc screens and functionality that exist today. We expect this phase of the project to be completed in the summer of 2001, as previously announced.


We are moving forward with this effort. We are currently in the analysis phase - looking at our current contracting processes and pinpointing areas where we can improve efficiency. We'll keep you posted as we progress.

If you are currently using e-contracting, or have had an especially positive e-contracting experience, we'd love to hear about it. Please contact your California Gas Transmission Account Services Representative with ideas or questions.

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